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12-03-2006, 07:08 AM
Saw Little Steven's Underground Garage Tour this Fruiday night. The New York Dolls still kick major ass. David Johansen still fronts everything in style and still has a great voice. Sylvain Sylvain looked like he was having an absolutely wonderful time up there and provided some good guitar work and some fun between song banter. They even pulled out the Johnny Thunders tune Can't Put Yur Arms Around A Memory. The newer members sound great. Really, they propably help the band keep their sound energetic and powerful more than a whoe stage of aging original dolls would. The new material sounded better live than on record and blemded in with the old...And, they still got a little campy when Slyvain Sylvain announced...we're gonna do a song about and all my favorite things...It's called Pills.

Supersuckers were also on the bill and played a good set, as did the Chesterfield Kings. The Charms were ok and a kinda lame local act opened things up. Fun night compelte with between band go-go dancers moving to stuff like Mitch Ryder and other classics.

My ears were still buzzing until about an hour before I headed out last night for the Black Keys.

I'm not much of a fan, but a friend bought the tickets, so I figured they were worth a look. They're still not really my thing, but they do put on a good show. If you like bluesy guitar riffs, they should fit the bill. They do the 2-piece thing like the White Stripes, but where the White Stripes filter their blues influences through garagey punk and pop, Black Keys are more groovy/bluesy.

Anyway...a nice way to spend the weekend.