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12-01-2006, 06:20 PM
Bought a Sony 60" SXRD 1080P model KDS60A2000 and hooked up a Yamaha RX2500 receiver. I have a Directv satelite receiver (with S-Video), PS2 with Composite video and a DVD player (component video) going into the yamaha. The Yamaha is then up converting all video inputs to component video, which is going to the HDTV component video input on the back of the TV.

When watching satelite the picture look fuzzy(wavy), like I am looking at it through a thin sheet of ice, white letters also look double imaged. The PS2's picture looks hazzy and not clear. The DVD player for the most part looks clear, but occasionally looks blurry, especially when a person is moving.

I have the same satelite receiver with S Video hooked up to my sony 1080i 50" and it looks better.

Any suggestions to resolve. Everything is hooked up correctly.

Thanks for the help

12-01-2006, 07:52 PM
Strange. My parents are getting one of these and all of the ones I've seen look great. I don't know enough about all the damned HDTV connections to be of any help. Maybe your TV isn't quite right?

12-01-2006, 08:09 PM
First of all, your analog satellite and game connections are underwhelming a digital display that was intended first and foremost to show hi def material. It should also flatter standard DVD material, if you have the display and/or DVD player set up correctly.

Relying on composite and S-video to nourish a 60" A2000 is a little like feeding a whale with a sardine. Don't be fooled by the Yamaha's transcoding of these formats to component video. It is merely a convenience that permits fewer cables; it cannot squeeze blood from a stone--that is, it cannot transform two low-def analog formats into the kind of video that can make a hi-def instrument proud. You might be able to improve matters a little by experimenting with the DRC and noise settings and engaging Cinemotion (for reverse 2:3 pulldown), but don't expect miracles.

Your primary objective should be to move into higher resolution--480p at least but preferably HD--with a newer satellite receiver. I would also recommend that you buy a Digital Video Essentials or AVIA calibration disk to get your brightness, picture, and color parameters under control. You could start immediately by changing your color temperature to Warm2, the Iris setting to low or min, picture to 80, contrast to 50, color to 48, and hue to 0. You might change these numbers later, but you need to get the set into working condition.

Use the progressive setting on your DVD player if it has one. If not, make sure Cinemotion is set to Auto. The periodic artifacts that you're noticing may be due to inadequate processing. Deinterlacing of some sort, regardless of whether it's perfect or not, should help.

The A2000 series has a wealth of user controls. If you don't learn about what they can do, you can't use your TV intelligently. But no matter how you program it, you can't expect this display to put its best foot forward if composite and S-video are still heavily in the mix.