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11-04-2006, 04:20 PM
This is from Nov/Dec 06 issue of ConsumerReports magazine (to see the full report Click Here (

The Tube TVs are ranked according to picture and sound quality. The picture quality ratings are Excellent (5 Star), Very Good (4 Star), Good (3 Star), Fair (2 Star), Poor (1 Star).

High Definition CRT models:

Brand.............Picture Quality in HD.

Sony 34XBR970 PQ=4 Stars
Insignia NS-30HTV PQ=3 Stars
LG 30FS4D PQ=3 Stars
Philips 30PW9110D PQ= 2 Stars

Toshiba 30HF66 PQ= 2 Stars
Samsung S3082WH PQ= 2 Stars
Toshiba 30H82 PQ= 2 Stars
RCA 27F754T PQ= 1 Stars

Standard Definition CRT Models:

Brand.........Picture Quality in SD

Samsung S2783 PQ= 4 Stars
Sony 27FS170 PQ= 5 Stars*
Sony 32FS170 PQ= 5 Stars*
Toshiba 32D46 PQ=3 Stars
Toshiba 26DF56 PQ=3 Stars
Toshiba 30DF56 PQ=3 Stars

Toshiba 32DF46 PQ=3 Stars
Philips 27PT9015D PQ=3 Stars
Sharp 27SF56B PQ=3 Stars
Toshiba 27DF46 PQ=3 Stars
Sharp 32SF56B PQ=3 Stars
Magnavox 32MT6015D PQ=3 Stars

*Looks like Sony 27 and 32 inch standard definition were the only TVs in this report that recieved Excellent rating (5 Stars) in term of picture quality.