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10-27-2006, 06:00 PM
See it for yourself at http://www.24trailer.com. Wow! It definitely caught my attention! Warning though, the trailer has some big time spoilers in it.


From the trailer, it looks like Day Six will start with Jack getting escorted off a military transport from China, so none of the action will take place overseas -- too bad, because a Jack Bauer-escaping-from-China adventure could've been quite interesting. In some ways, the writers have once again wasted their season-ending plot twist by resolving the cliffhanger (like having to live under a new identity, or having to escape from a Chinese prison) within the first hour and sending Bauer off to the races once again to save America for the umpteenth time.

But, sending Jack Bauer on a suicide mission right from the outset seems like a promising start. I just hope that they don't turn 24 into a caricature of itself by simply trying to supersize the storylines from previous seasons. Like instead of a bioweapon or a nuke, having MULTIPLE bioweapons WITH nukes.

Also, I see that indeed Wayne Palmer is the new President! And Chloe's gone through a makeover. The trailer did not show anything from Jack Bauer's dad, who's been announced as a new character for Day Six.

All in all, looks like another great ride is coming up in January, can't wait!

10-28-2006, 02:07 PM
Looks interesting. The trailer implies that the terrorists want Jack specifically, but give no hint as to why. It does seem like they wasted a golden opportunity with simply delivering Jack via transport in the first show.

Thanks for the trailer.