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10-13-2006, 10:13 PM
I've been a Jewel fan for years....ever since her debut when I saw her on Leno and fell in love....immediately bought her first CD and have always been faithful since buying every CD she comes out with. Recently I have started listening to her again since she just released a new album GOODBYE ALICE IN WONDERLAND. I have mentioned before on this forum that I usually use her CD SPIRIT as a reference for my system because there are quite a few great tracks on that disc that really deliver some amazing highs, lows, mids, etc etc. Just a really well mixed CD....then again now that I am going back and listening to her other released (0304, THIS WAY, and the new one) I am highly impressed with the recording quality of her work, with exception to her debut album, which is understandable since it was done fairly low budget. Since that initial CD though her work has been fantastic. I know that everyone is probably not a fan, but dang....the quality of sound on those discs is some of the best on the market, perhaps the best female pop artist on CD (quality wise) next to Madonna.

I love the balance of her amazing voice with the instrumentation and some of the really sweet high end sounds with guitars and such, plus the lower end stuff with drums and some other unique vocals and processing. Just stellar work in my opinion.

My new PSB Platinum T6's deliver some of the most impressive mid-range that I have ever heard and I am really digging going back and rediscovering some tunes. Jewel really stands out the most at this point along with THE SMASHING PUMPKINS for some odd reason. There is a new 3-D quality to some of these recordings that I have listened to thousands of times, but I am experiencing them all over again under the new setup.

Does anyone else have examples of rediscovering an artist after an upgrade????

Dusty Chalk
10-14-2006, 12:11 AM
Yeah, Nine Inch Nails. I was really surprised that an album like Broken had layers and layers of detail, because at a high level, it's a metal album. First time I heard it on a good pair of headphones on a good system, it was like hearing a whole new album.

10-14-2006, 09:05 PM

I was really into NIN many years ago, probably their first 3 albums....I recently checked out the SACD of THE DOWNWARD SPIRAL and was impressed with some of the layers that were brought to life with that mix, however it lacked alot of the low end presence that I was expecting.