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09-30-2006, 04:46 AM
Hey there, first time post, so I'll ask that you forgive me if I make some newbie errors. I currently have, and am selling on eBay, a pair of Boston Acoustics VR-975's, that are the best I've ever heard (I'm still in college, give me time :22: ). Before-hand, the best I'd heard were the Athena Technologies AS-F1 speakers, so I'll admit my exposure is a bit less than many of yours. Well, correction, I was in a hi-fi store that specialized in B&W, so I've heard a number of those (don't remember models), and was less than impressed compared to what I have now.

Anyway, now on to my question. I'm replacing the 975's with something less massive, less heavy, and less expensive (at or less than $700/pair). I'm pretty much exclusively looking at the Boston Acoustics VR line (1, 2, 3) and the older Swans (4.1, 5.1, maybe 6.1). I have many, many Boston products and I know the sound will be extremely pleasing to me, so I would feel very comfortable buying those. However, I'm also feeling a bit adventurous, and the Swans look absolutely fabulous, and have gotten some good praise here (not including the cheapo tweeter talk).

So I'd like to invite people who have heard one or the other to speak up, and I'd love if someone has heard BOTH and could indulge us in their thoughts. Oh, and if anybody's interested in procuring a pair of VR 975's, I have a great pair up on eBay for another few days.

*Edit* - I've been looking at the KEF iQ line, and they look like good contenders as well, specifically the iQ7. Any thoughts on these?

10-01-2006, 04:10 PM
For those of you interested, I'll let it be known that I ended up keeping the Boston VR-975's. After getting all excited about getting new speakers, I realized that I just wanted something new, and I would've been essentially trading these beautiful, wonderful speakers that I love the sound of for something roughly half as good (price, power, and probably performance-wise) just because it looked a little better.

Also for those interested, I have the Bostons running on a newly acquired Yamaha R-V1103 A/V receiver that I got for a tiny little price, and it sounds fantastic. As we speak, I'm listening to a little Beethoven through a Harman/Kardon HDCD changer, and I'm back in Heaven.:biggrin5: For the money, Yamaha makes some exceptional receivers in my opinion. But then, I've only ever heard receivers in the same league as those :) .