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09-24-2006, 12:41 PM
I own a sony home theatre in the box the ht-ddw750 I want to upgrade
the speaker cables the supplied ones are too thin.I also want advice
on a decent set of floor standing speakers thankyou every body

tin ear
09-24-2006, 05:31 PM
I would just use 14 gauge lamp cord for the front and center speakers and maybe 12 gauge for the rears if the run is very long (30 feet or more). That'll get all the supplied power to your speakers. I like the clear lamp cord that has +++ marked on one of the wires (Best Buy, etc.) or the one that has one copper and one silver-colored wire (Home Depot, local hardware store, etc.). Either way, you can keep your polarity right (in the latter case, use the copper colored wire for +). I'm not familiar with your system but a lot of supplied speaker wire is 16 or 18 gauge. Too thin for all but speakers placed very close to the receiver. The longer the run of wire, the thicker it needs to be.

No doubt, someone can advise you on better, but this works well, and is cheap.

As for the speakers, how much do you want to pay?