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09-19-2006, 05:06 AM
I got free tickets to a sneak preview to see "Flyboys" at the local megasupamamothplex. Free tix musta been distributed to every old folks home in the region cause I swear half of the audience coulda been WWI Vets.

Got patted down so the flick wouldn't be DVD stores of China before the US premiere. Film was well scored, and beautifully shot... CGI was awful in most instances. Didn't know WWI tracers (?) looked like dust devils. Aerobatics were pretty spot on. Nothing flew like an X-Wing. Wings fell off, engines burst into flame, bullets ripped flesh and men died in technocolor.

Love story wasn't bad or too large. Didn't get in the way of the carnage. Non Hollywood ending was good as well. Bombing sequence was a straight out Homage ot "Dawn Patrol" right down to the bombs going straight down from the Handly Paige Bombers right into the ammo storage facility at Metz.

Miminal flag waving for those concerned about that thing... It was all about fighting for each other and payback the debt we owed the Count De Lafayette. Audience applauded in the end and it was a rousing good adventure....

Historically accurate? Pheh not one bit. I don't think the Germans had half as many DrI's and not an albatross of DVII in sight. But if you can suspend belief... you'll have a good time...

As for the acting. James Franco made Mount Rushmore look positively animated. He tried to imitate Brad Pitt from "Lengends of the Fall" but couldn't get it done. I never felt a thing for him. Now Jennifer Lucienne, the French "love interest" she was spot on perfect., how novel to cast French men and women as French Men and Women. What will Hollywood think of next.

Final Score B-Minus

Da Worfster

09-19-2006, 06:50 AM
Nice review Worf, and thanks for the heads up on this one. I was curious about it, and also thought the cgi looked spotty in the previews. Guess I can wait for the dvd.