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09-19-2006, 01:25 AM
:12: Soon, when my subwoofer gets here (SB12 Plus) Grandpa will be helping me to 'set' it right so that I will derive optimum benefit from it when it is connected to my Jas Audio Orsas. The Orsas have 45 - 60k frequency response, a sensitivity of 88 db, and made up of a 6 1/4 in. mid-range woofer and an LCY dual ribbon tweeter .... (now that is more technical stuff that I could mention not long ago)....

I am wondering if there is anyone out there who has some hidden 'secret' that helps derive maximum benefit from that kind of hook up. I am told that if I set the woofer at 80 hz that it will relieve the main speakers of a lot of stuff it is 'trying' to do and improve the sound in the upper register.... and I believe that. But I also know that there could be some afficionado out there that has this 'secret' he only gives out the way his wife gives out recipes..... any takers?


Dusty Chalk
09-19-2006, 09:53 AM
No, there is no one correct answer for all scenarios. Well, maybe there is one: suit yourself. I.E. set it up for maximum enjoyment for you. After it is set up, use music you are familiar with to check it. If it's enjoyable, then your work is done.

Here's the thing -- some subwoofers' crossovers have their high-pass (the part the speakers are going to handle) hard set to 80 Hz, which is why you want to set the low-pass that the subwoofer is going to handle to 80 Hz also.

If both are variable by the same control, play with it. Try setting it as low as it will go (in this case, not much lower than 45 Hz), and see if you can hear the "hole" in the bass frequencies, then set it as high as it will go (the highest the subwoofer will go), and see if you can hear the overlap. If neither of these things happen, then set it to 80 Hz, and see if it sounds better than the previous two scenarios.

Don't stress it -- I suspect you'll be fine no matter what you do.

09-19-2006, 03:28 PM
Thanks Dusty - I am surely going to try what you suggested... I believe you are right - I think it won't be a big problem. I do like to get as much good advice as I can, and yours will certainly help.