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09-18-2006, 12:25 PM
For those who don't recognize the name, Jim Cuddy is the main singer for Blue Rodeo. I highly recommend his new CD for fans of Cuddy's solo work and fans of Blue Rodeo. This disk is much better, IMHO, than his first solo CD, All In Time, which I found to be a little bland.

The Light That Guides You Home is a nice mix of upbeat countryish tunes a la Blue Rodeo and Cuddy's signature ballads. There are two tracks on this disk that really stand out for me. Married is a fun little tune about a couple that married out of drunk lust. The song is a duet with Kathleen Edwards whose husky voice is a wonderful compliment to Cuddy's and fits perfectly with my image of the drunk bride on the next morning.

The second song that stands out is the ballad Pull Me Through. I've heard this on the radio a few times already and it's bound to be a classic, right up there with Blue Rodeo's Try and Bulletproof. I'm a huge fan of the Jim Cuddy croon and his voice doesn't get any better than it is in this song.

This is a must have CD for his fans. And a pretty darn enjoyable listen for everyone else.

4.5 out of 5 smilies.
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