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09-15-2006, 03:02 AM
OK Finally I've gotten to the point of actually setting up a subwoofer. Today later when I wake up (it's 6am and I've not slept yet hopefully soon) I will finish assembly on my mid Q tempest. I need the polyfill for the inside and then mount the speaker and terminal plate. I got a terminal plate that has 4 binding posts so I can run each coil to it's own set of posts outside the box where I'll use a bridge to make the circuit. This will give me the flexability of adding another sub to the same amp if I desire. It's a dual 8ohm and I'll obviously run it at 4ohms however I need to look at a wiring diagram to make sure I get it right. So If someone knows a link to a diagram please post it as it would save me some searching.

Now on to my questions about this 1st step of setup. I have a Marantz SR8000 reciever which has a LFE out. If I use this and subsequently select yes I have a subwoofer in the setup menu will it cut my speakers below 80hz and run all below to the sub. I know the LFE input on the amp shuts off it's crossover.

I've read LFE may not be well suited for music which is what I listen to mostly though movies are an occasion. What I'm thinking here is if the reciever in fact does crossover the speakers at 80hz when using the LFE out and if I were to use L&R preouts instead and the sub amps crossover for the sub. This would leave the speakers at fullrange and mix signals with the sub which is bad right?

More questions to come but this will get me started for now. Thanks -Mark

09-16-2006, 08:17 AM
ok I figured out the wiring I have it running in parallel by running the L&R wires to one set of posts and using the bridge to connect to the other two.

I do not believe the reciever is cutting any signal to my mains so my sub is overlapping with them. I can't tell if this is bad or not cause the sub is no where near being eq'd yet. What I have realized is alot more bass comes from my towers than I realized. I thought I would be able to turn down the woofer section which is set 7db higher than my mid/highs. I'm running my towers bi-amped sorta speak by using the main channels for the woofer section and the satelite channels for the mid/highs this way I can adjust the volume independently. Yes I'm running in 5ch. I figured when I got a sub I could go back to running the towers fullrange. Maybe I should build a high Q box cause I was expecting alot more I guess mid bass from the sub. I really need a test tone cd now I probably should have gotton one awhile ago then I would have known most of the bass I like isn't in the sub range. Maybe I should make a sub out of alot of extremis lol. Back to playing for now.