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09-14-2006, 08:45 AM
recently, i was in need of some projector video cables at a fair price...after some research online i decided to go with

I ordered a 50' S-video cable. 35' component cable. & 35' HDMI-DVI cable.

total cost w/ shipping $89
Ordered Monday morning from CA and received in NC Friday afternoon. They supplied a tracking #.

The component cable quality is above average. Good heavy gauge wire with alot of insulation. Running from my DVD player using this 35' cable I could not see any loss of PQ over the Philips brand 3' component it replaced.

The HDMI-DVI cable is also well made. The DVI connector is solid, but without my new Directv receiver, i cannot test this cable.

The S-video cable doesn't seem well made and when trying to insert this into my directv receiver, a prong broke and i can only see a picture in black/white. It appears to be the same S-video cable Parts Express sells at a higher price i might add.

I emailed monoprice and explained the problem and said the cable is too inexpensive ($6.53) to return via shipping. so, they immediately send out a replacement free of charge.

so overall, a very good first experience with this company. Plus, the Parts Express shipping rates are bordering on 'rip off' so i recommend this company as an alternative.