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09-12-2006, 08:44 PM
I am about to purchase a two channel hifi setup for use with my pc. I currently own a set of logitech z680 speakers which are 5.1 and pretty loud and clear for the money.

The Logitechs have been great, but since i rarely use them in 5.1 setup I want something thats better for music. Now having the big and powerful sub I want some speakers that are going to be pretty bassy and can go pretty loud without losing quality of course.

Im pretty much decided im going for the NAD C320BEE. Its just the speakers im undecided about. the candidates at the moment are the MA B2's, or the wharfedale 9.1s or the bigger 9.2s. According to the mag's the 9.1s are the best between the B2 vs 9.1s but that 5" bass driver seems rather small compared to the 6.5" one in the B2's. To combat this there is a wharfedale 9.2 with the 6.5" bass driver but I havent read much about these speakers.

Quality and clarity are things I want out of my setup, but I do like to listen to music loud and I do like lots of bass from time to time. Losing a sub and power is going to limit me here but I just want to be able to shake the floorboards from time to time!

Im about to start auditioning but I want to go shopping with more than a load of magazine reviews!

Which would you buy? Or am I missing out on something better than all these at the 200 a pair price range?