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09-06-2006, 01:02 AM
You have a Swan section (http://www.audioreview.com/mfr/swan/MCL_3329crx.aspx), but it only includes some of the older x.1 Diva line and one speaker from the new Classic x.2 line, the 6.2F. Please fill out the rest of the new line, including:

Center Channel Speakers: 4.2C, 5.2C (just released)

Tower/Floorstanding: 4.2F, 5.2F (you do have the 6.2F)

Surrounds: 4.2R, 5.2R (just released)

You also need to update your listings for clarification. The original Diva line, also known as the x.1 line, was temporarily renamed, ONLY in the US, as the x.2 line, a couple years ago when they were redesigned. However, that was temporary and they were soon renamed back to x.1. In other words, what you show on the site as, for example, the 5.2, is no longer called the 5.2. It's just called the 5.1 Diva, like the original.

The designations 4.2, 5.2 and 6.2 (or 4.2F, 5.2F, and 6.2F for "floorstanding") now refer to the new Classic line, available through The Audio Insider (http://www.theaudioinsider.com/cgi-bin/theaudioinsider/speakers3.html?id=zas9WNzi). The original x.1 Diva line is currently available through www.newegg.com. They're not discontinued so you should have both lines on your site, the x.1 Divas and the x.2 Classics.

These distinctions are important because they are completely different lines of speakers. HiVi/Swans, in their infinite Chinese wisdom, needs to get a clue and use logical names for their speakers. But until they do, sites like yours need to get the current names right for clarity. (Interestingly, they have a 2.1 speaker and a 2.2... The 2.1 refers to a small, nice bookshelf speaker selling for a few hundred $ US... While the 2.2 are their monstrous, wall of sound flagship reference speakers costing who knows how much, but it's a lot, probably around $20K or more and featuring several dozen drivers per speaker. Amazingly stupid. What they plan to do when they release the updated version of the 2.1 bookshelf speaker to match the new x.2 Classic line, who knows. That's probably the day they'll realize their mistake. lol)

Here's the info you request:

Manufacturer Name: Swan (or Swans)
Manufacturer's Website Address (critical): http://www.swanspeakers.com
US Distributor Website address: http://www.theaudioinsider.com (links to internal pages for new Classic x.2 line, links to www.newegg.com for older x.1 Divas line)
Category (DVD Player, Subwoofer, etc): Floorstanding Speakers, Center Channel Speakers, Surround Speakers, Home Theater Speaker Systems
Product Name or Model Number: see above
Price (MSRP):
4.2F: MSRP: $599.50 EACH
4.2C: MSRP: $499.00
4.2R: MSRP: $699.00 PAIR
5.2F: MSRP: $699.50 EACH
5.2C: MSRP not listed on site yet, coming soon
5.2R: MSRP not listed on site yet, coming soon
Link to an Image:
4.2F: http://www.theaudioinsider.com/cgi-bin/theaudioinsider/photo.html?mv_arg=items/sw4.2.jpg
4.2C: http://www.theaudioinsider.com/cgi-bin/theaudioinsider/photo.html?mv_arg=items/sw4.2c.jpg
4.2R: http://www.theaudioinsider.com/cgi-bin/theaudioinsider/photo.html?mv_arg=items/sw4.2r.jpg
5.2F: http://www.theaudioinsider.com/cgi-bin/theaudioinsider/photo.html?mv_arg=items/sw5.2.jpg
5.2C: Not on site yet, coming soon
5.2R: Not on site yet, coming soon