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09-01-2006, 02:45 PM
I'm looking for a small, inexpensive in-line signal amplifier that I want to put between the audio output of my TV and in audio input of my receiver. When I use the variable output of my TV, the level of signal is not near the level of the other devices that plug into the amp (tuner, CD, etc) As a result, I have to have the volume control on the receiver turned way up when I'm listening to the TV thru the receiver. If I forget to turn it down before I switch to the tuner or CD, the music comes blasting thru a a very high level. I want to use the variable output on the TV to control the volume to keep things real simple for my wife. That way she can continue to use 1 remote to contol all the functions of the TV and still have the sound coming thru the audio system (if she wants) without using more than 1 remote.

Does anyone make a small in-line amp such as this?

Mr Peabody
09-01-2006, 06:42 PM
Is your receiver an A/V receiver? If so, it should have a input level control setting where you can boost the signal or level them out from your receiver's set up menu. If you are using an analog hook up the best surround you are getting is Pro Logic 2, digital hook up is the best way to go.

Is a universal remote out of the question?

09-02-2006, 02:44 AM
Thanks for the reply!

The receiver is an old Yamaha (NOT an A/V), but it's on it's last leg anyway. From what little research I've done so far I've only found one model of Yamaha (RX-V659) that has input level matching, and that may be the solution. My needs otherwise could be fullfilled with a lower model Yamaha, so I would end up paying considerable $ for the ability to match input levels like I would like to. I am looking for options before "I pull the trigger" on that one. If you know of other units in the $3 - $500 price point with this feature I'd like to hear about them.

A universal remote is not out of the question either and will be considered - I just haven't gotten a round tuit!

09-02-2006, 04:46 AM
Mr. Peabody -

I just found that the lower level Yamaha receiver (RX-V459) DOES indeed have input level matching (called volume trim). I missed it earlier when I was reading the downloaded version of the owners manual. This essentially eliminates my need to find an aux in-line signal amp between the TV and the receiver!

I had talked to a person at a home theater store and he told me the only receivers that had input level matching were his high end units. That will teach me to listen to a sales rep!

Mr Peabody
09-02-2006, 08:31 AM
Once you have a new A/V receiver and get past the learning and set up pains you will think it was your best entertainment dollars spent. Well, maybe not, thee, best, depending on what entertainment you buy, but you will be pretty pleased. You might want to get the universal remote feature on your receiver if you are going new. You want to connect all your sources (ie DVD, cable/satelite receiver) via digital connections. This will allow you to get 5.1 surround sound, left/right front, center, left/right rear and a recommended sub. 5.1 allows for all speakers to receive a full frequency response and the rear is in stereo which allows for some fun sound effects if the movie viewed includes them. A subwoofer is recommended but not necessary because the .1 is a dedicated low frequency effect (LFE) signal that is encoded into 5.1 surround. Of course, you probably figured out by now that upgrading may include more cost than just the receiver if you go all the way.

You should feel lucky you learned an important lesson early, suspect everything a sales person tells you and verify it for yourself. Today with websites like this and being able to contact manufacturers directly via their website makes this easy, most of the time. www.google.com has also become a valuable tool for me to search and research various items and topics.

If you and the wife enjoy the TV viewing through your receiver, I think you'll be really happy with a modern surround system.