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08-26-2006, 01:09 PM
Got it at Costco today. Opened it, popped the cd on my car stereo and it was very nice, last time I had heard Fly Like an Eagle had been on an vinyl LP. The cd was of good quality....
Until I got home and popped the bonus DVD. I took it easy, saw the documentary, the video looked horrible on my hd toshiba set. The live concert portion was cute but you can only try to go back 30 years with your voice. The video once again, horrible, then went for the part that I was waiting, the DD5.1 audio only mix...

Fly like an Eagle, track 2. This so far is the best example of channel separation on a music disc that I have ever heard!
The Eagles DVD DTS had been my reference before this particular track, and it pales in comparison, it litterally brought tears to my eyes when i played Fly Like an Eagle, I could swear that the band was right there in the living room. WOW, WOW, WOW.

As for the rest of the DD mix on the other tracks, it does not disappoint. The fidelity is present without adding exagerations to the instruments, very accurate, does not sound like a remaster to me, it was more like what Steve Miller would have wanted the music to be reproduced. The only way would be live. Folks, this one is the new reference of music for Dolby Digital 5.1 music only.

If you like video over music, this package is not for you, but if you want to rock the house and test your surround system limits, you must have it.

Just a word of caution, if you have not properly calibrated your low range, you may find yourself on the market for a new sub, or you will learn the hard way how to setup one to deliver this kind of bass.
Real bass, the foot of the drummer was there.
This is the first time i have felt compelled to write about a recording, it is that good.

PS: I know that my grammar, english and writing is a shame, but that is what happens when you teach yourself a foreign language.

08-26-2006, 02:15 PM
PS: I know my grammar, english and writing is a shame, but that is what happens when you teach yourself a foreign language.

Don't worry about it. You got your point across very well.

Thanks for the review. I had been looking at this in the store and, after such a glowing tribute, will pobably pick it up. Good tip...


08-26-2006, 03:05 PM
I was reading on Musictap that this release is yet another sign that the record companies are ready to pull the plug on DualDisc and just stick with these kinds of combo CD+DVD releases to try and boost sales. Word is that DualDisc has compatibility issues with a lot of CD players, and it hasn't done much to stimulate demand. Letting consumers know up front that a release has a CD plus a bonus DVD is probably simpler to market (and understand) than trying to educate consumers on the merits of a flipper disc that embeds both formats onto a single platter.

Interesting that this Steve Miller release opted to go with concert footage and a compressed 5.1 DD track for the bonus DVD. Fly Like An Eagle had been previously released as a DVD-Audio disc, so this new set is taking a step backwards on the resolution, even if the release uses the same multichannel mix. But, record companies are trying to prop up demand anyway they can, and if they hold the line on the prices, I think these combo packs are probably a better bet than DualDisc was. People can more easily think that a two-disc set represents more value than a flipper disc that might contain the exact same content.

Donald F@gan's Morph The Cat release from earlier this year had a CD+DVD-A combo set available, and Neil Young had previous issued his Greatest Hits CD as a CD+DVD combo where the DVD had the same tracks encoded at 96/24 PCM resolution.

08-26-2006, 03:08 PM
Thanks Bob, I went back and tried to make some corrections. I'll just throw an extra and add that it may have some "jittering" towards the end of the concert portion of it and the video is on 4:3 so it may look fine on a regular tv.

08-26-2006, 03:17 PM
Dual Disc to me is money in the toilet and a bigger mistake than the current HD vs BRD conondrum. The $15.99 that I paid for this combo felt good. I got what i paid for and a little more. I will be looking forward for that Neil Young release, is there a place to find that kind of combo packages Woochifer? I actually sold my DVD-Audio panny for lack of more releases, I actually stopped seeing new ones. I am waiting for a new Universal player though, whenever BRD and/or HD get their battle over with.