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02-02-2004, 10:06 PM
I was able to get a good deal on both a HK AVR 125 and an Onkyo TXSR600 for about the same price. Now heres the the problem which one to keep. While as of now I really dont have a great pair of tower speakers to test the the recievers to their full potential. Right now I only have a really old nice pair of pioneer bookshelfs, but I do plan on getting a full surround system when I graduate and get the means to afford it all. So looking toward the future what should I keep.
45 watts/chx5chanels rms
@< .07THDnto 8 ohms
6 dig. inputs 3 of each
2 dig. outputs 1 of each

Onkyo TXSR600
80 watts/chx6channels rms
@.08THD into 8 ohms
3 dig. inputs 2 opt/1dig coax
1 fiber opt output
component switching

Most other features are the same.

The extra channel in the onkyo is not a major factor. My roommate has 5.1 setup and I love it.

What reciever should I keep, remembering that I plan to have a full system in the future.


02-03-2004, 04:28 AM
My humble unbiased mine-all-mine opinion is this:
If you listen to 2-channel stereo (music) more than 5.1 home theater, keep the H/K...otherwise keep the Onkyo if HT is likely to be the top priority. This despite the added digital inputs on the H/K.

Both are good receivers, and the differences between the two are minimal. A 45 watt H/K is plenty of power.

02-03-2004, 06:33 AM
<font color=#629D65>I'm a HK man, so I would say keep the HK. I say this because I own a HK receiver and love it. Do <b>not</b> pay attention to the watts thing to much because 45wpc for HK is plenty for most occasions.</font>

<font color=#00FF80>I would recommend that you listen to both of them with your own CD/DVD and then make up your mind. Both are good products. Like my different colors? :=)</font>