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08-14-2006, 04:51 PM
I have Yamaha HTR 5150 bought almost 6 years ago with energy take 5 speakers. I am planning to upgrade my speakers to either to paradigm studio or monitor series.

I see all the paradigm speakers drive with 8 ohm impedence and my receiver can also handle 8 ohm impedence speakers. Is that the only criteria we need to consider while matching the speakers and A/v Receivers let me know.

I am not an audiophile. I dont intend to be.

My question for you guys is can we just go upgrading speakers without upgrading the receivers. Are there any problems. If so what are the problems.


Mr Peabody
08-14-2006, 06:00 PM
In your scenario the main thing I'd look at is efficiency of the speakers, SPL. The Paradigm's I've seen are 90dB or higher which would make them a pretty good match for a receiver. Another consideration is how much benefit will you get from a high end speaker, at some point the performance will be negligible compared to the money spent. There's only so much a receiver will do and going too high would be a waste. I would think your Yamaha would be a good match with an efficient series of Paradigm.

JoeE SP9
08-15-2006, 04:48 AM
The simple answer is yes. As long as the receiver has enough power for the speakers there is no problem. Paradigm speakers high end? I don't think so. Others may disagree. This is not to say they are bad speakers. They are generally not considered part of the high end.:cool: