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08-05-2006, 03:53 PM
I was shopping today, and spotted one of the top 5 loudspeakers of the vintage era.
Has anyone heard these recently as it's been about 20 years since I have. I've read they
were designed to musle in on the JBL's of the day, L100's 43/44 series monitors,
and did a pretty good job of stealing some of the "large" speaker thunder back in
the day. We'll see about that in bout a week.

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08-06-2006, 08:34 AM
Hi, Likeitloud; I have not heard them recently. My friend went out to buy speakers 23 years ago. We stumbled into a store that had them. There were about 3 or 4 manufacturers speakers around their size. During the ABCD tryout, nothing could come close to the HPM-100s. With the right amplifier on them they play very musical. My friend still uses them. They have stood up very well. The 12 inch drivers are made of paper on the surrounds and as such have stood up great through the years as against foam surround units that wither away. They are what I call a very assymetrically designed speaker system. Because of that, I do not know how they would affect playing of a 5.1 discrete movie. I have noticed in some of my test that a assymetrical type speaker affected the sound field as opposed to a two way tweeter over the woofer type unit that is commonly used for satellites. If I did use these speakers in a home theater set-up I would use a reciever like the Pioneer 1015 that you own. The reason is that it has a loudness function which would enhance the bass response. I would have those speakers set to LARGE on the bass management. Most likely you would not even need a sub with these speakers with that receiver and if you did you would only need to set the sub for the lowest frequencies. I think it is one of the best stereo speaker systems ever made.

08-06-2006, 07:26 PM
Kelsci; Thanks for the info. I've been going alittle crazy with the vintage loudspeaker
trip the last 6 weeks or so, Those JBL's, just match my musical taste, and listening
volume preferences. I was checking Ebay the other day, and saw those up for
auction, and did'nt look that hard, there were L100's to be had and were going to go
for CHEAP. (They finally went for $300..sheesh). Anyway, that model number kept
bugging me, so I call my brother-in-law who told me that was what his dad had, and
we rocked to as 20yr old punks back in the day. The old man was into CW, but when
he left the house, those things were rocking, and I always remembered how clear they
would be, even being played so loud. So I jumped back to ebay and bought them FAST
at the buy now price of $275. That price was stupid crazy, and I read the add 3/4
times, new grill cloth, new super tweeters, cabs look fantastic, so I email the guy
and check with ebay, he's has over 1000 positive feedbacks, so its all good. The guys
over at Lansing Heritage rate these very high, saying they put quite a dent in L100/
4311 sales in the late 70's. I'll have them in about a week, and let you know how
they sound.