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02-01-2004, 08:47 AM
Okay, as Jar witnessed yesterday I came across some stuff I really liked on the Hellcat comp listed on website.

While there were several cuts off that offering that sounded good to me, the two I think I liked the most were the selections by Hamell on Trial and Coheed & Cambria. Which surprised me somewhat, first both musicly are pretty much what I'd call main stream style wise. Not that theres anything wrong with that per say, but it does run counter to what I normally listen to.

The Hamell on Trial tune is a lot of fun, picture John Couger singing a tune written by Billy Bragg and Lou Reed. :D Of course he does say "**** it" about 30 times, so I won't be able to play it in front of the kids, I really don't need to hear the wife after our 6 year old Matt, comes home from school with a note concerning his potty mouth, if you know what I mean.

Secondly the Coheed & Cambria song A Favor House Atlantic just blew me away!!! Holy smoke I haven't felt this way about a song since I was 17 or so. It makes me want to put on some tennis shoes, torn jeans and a Rush t-shirt! It's a lot of fun and a good foil to all the Joy Division influenced music I listen to.

Anyway I ordered both of Coheed & Cambria's albums from their offical website. I even splurged and got the second one on both vinyl and as a cd. I'm just hoping I'm not disapointed with them, I've only heard the one song, so I'm really stepping out on faith here.