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07-20-2006, 12:20 PM
I have never owned a Denon receiver before, but I might be interested. I've been looking at them on Crutchfield and Vanns websites, but they use different model designations. Vanns sells the AVR-686s for $299, or the 786s for $499. Crutchfield and I would assume most of the real stores sell the AVR1507 for $329, and the avr 1906 for $549. Are these the same model number receivers? Any differences? Are these decent budget receivers or should they be avoided? I have a NAD T743 that is pretty decent, although it is lacking in some options, and at 50wpc, could be louder. It seems loud enough for music, not so much cable watching though. That could be the stations, I dunno. But is it worth selling my NAD to get a Denon? I imagine I could sell the NAD (it is in great shape) for about the cost of these Denons, somewhere in between, so I don't think I would lose much $ if any. Thoughts?

07-20-2006, 12:37 PM
That was probably a stupid post. I do want to upgrade my receiver at some point when I gget an hdtv, and until I do, I think the NAD will suffice. I will want more options than the lower budget receivers have now, mostly for the video stuff. I should also look at HK, and Onkyo which I had before and it lasted a long time. Yamaha too will be on my list.

07-20-2006, 12:37 PM
Hi IRG - here's a quick rundown on Denon receiver models:

AVR-1506 = AVR-486S
AVR-1706 = AVR-686S
AVR-1906 = AVR-786S
AVR-2106 = AVR-886S

Specialized retailers typically sell the AVR-1506 and up, while the box box stores typically sell the AVR-486S and up, with a very limited selection of recievers. Both series are almost identical except for the model numbers.

AVR-2807 though AVR-5805 are high-end receivers and are only available through specialized retailers.

The AVR-1906 you were looking at is vastly superior to the AVR-1506. I would definately recommend auditionning the AVR-1706 and AVR-1906 as they are very capable receivers.

07-20-2006, 01:04 PM
Thanks, that helps. I am redoing the living room a little bit, hence my downsizing of speaker size in my other post. The new Armoire will "hide" the TV (wife's desire) and the smaller speakers will be wall mounted. With all of this, that is why I am looking at a new hdtv that will fit in this armoire (about 42' wide) and if I get it, then I might want to upgrade the receiver as well. Makes sense?

Speaking of speakers, I never considered them before, but the Infinity Primus 150 seem to get very good reviews from owners, and even on Stereophile, and at $59 each, hard to beat. Plus they have 2 things I want; wall mountable, and forward facing port. Next up will be an affordable sub, thinking the Velodyne vx10 at $169, again very good reviews. I do not need a sub that goes loud but want one that isn't overly boomy like my current JBL sub. The Velo looks nice too, always a consideration.

My local dealer ( I emailed him about PSB speakers) recommended a Monitor Audio line that looks good, but just too expensive. He also mentioned the Orion blue book for my Paradigm Monitor 3s was only $130 - I should be able to sell them for twice that, or at least $200. Not sure what the NAD could sell for. It is still a pretty good little receiver though.