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07-17-2006, 01:24 AM
I'm a Fleetwood Mac fan, actually I am more a fan of the work of Buckingham in particular, but I am absolutely blown away by their 2003 release SAY YOU WILL....

I know it's been around for awhile now, but here is my history with that particular album....

First, I had seen the IMAX: ADVENTURES IN WILD CALIFORNIA, which had a few tracks by Buckingham that I thought were stellar. There was rumors that he was releasing a new album and yet ...nothing. Then it was rumored that Fleetwood Mac would be releasing a new album containing tracks from various members and thus SAY YOU WILL, which I rushed out to buy the day it was released....well, I actually bought the DVD-Audio because it was suppose to be in DTS....wrong. Despite the packaging claiming that the album was in such luck. So I returned it and grumbled. I waited around thinking that maybe it was an error and that they would re-issue it....nope. So time went by and I never got around to just settling for the CD, until recently. A friend of mine happened to have the CD and I borrowed it so I could check out some of the tracks I had not already heard.

I popped the CD into my system this past weekend and was SHOCKED!!!!!!!!!

Not only is the album fairly solid, but the recording quality and masterinig of this CD is phenominal!!!! So if you are looking for a high quality CD with some great tunes from a band that just keeps churning out talented material...look no further than this album.

For those that may already have this it just me or is this a really incredible sounding mix????? It blew away just about all the regular CD's that I currently have with the exception of a few.