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07-15-2006, 09:38 PM
I finally upgraded all of the cables in my system to the pure silver custom made WHITE ZOMBIE cables and what a shock....!!!!

Over the past few years I've gone from ok Monster Cables to even better Tributaries Cables to BetterCables to AudioQuest, but now I am finally satisfied with the overall sound from my system thanks to these cables.

These are the first cables that didn't just slightly improve my system, but rather enabled my entire system to become alive with sound. I really like the sound improvement that the silver offers over the gold with my much response and accuracy. I also don't feel that these cables are colorizing the sound, but rather letting the sound open up from my receiver and amps, plus my Denon 2910 never sounded better! I am using the White Zombie Nosferatu cables for my 5.1 analog connection in SACD and MLP playback. I am still using my Parasound Halo for powering my PSB towers and the NAD C372 for my surrounds.

Would I recommend these cables? YES. I have tried so many cables out that I finally feel satisfied with these. They are handmade and the quality is superb! I am sure that there are other great cables out there....Cobalt Cables, Kimber, AudioQuest, etc etc. However, these are the best i've heard and experienced for their price range.

My listening test included:

Sigur Ros ( ) HDCD
Sarah Brightman LA LUNA Import SACD
Terminator 3 Region 2 DTS import