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07-10-2006, 09:59 PM
So I ordered these import SACD's awhile back and I finally was able to take a good listen to both of them.


Here are my impressions...

I have 2 of the other CCR SACD's, but they are in stereo ONLY, where this import has the multichannel as well as stereo. I have Willy and the Poorboys (which the packaging lied and said it was 5.1) and I have the Live concert SACD.

I wanted this import mainly for the 5.1 and it also contains all of their best songs. I immediately compared the tracks that I could, which included "Down on the Corner" and "Fortunate Son", both of which excelled in 5.1 over the 2.0. The one thing that I really appreciate about the 5.1 import SACD is that the mix still has that 'older' more natural sound to it rather than trying to enhance the mix and make it sound more modern, they actually mixed it with the intentions of both sounding original, but still have some surround activity. The surrounds are ambient in nature and not playful as you might find in other recordings that are meant for 5.1 showing off. However, I noticed a new sense of clarity to the vocals that I never found before, which I think is vital to a band like CCR that never really seemed to have high resolution in the vocal mix. Often times songs sounded muddy to me and Fogerty has that crazy accent.

The Air Suppy is only 2.0, but still very good. I have heard the CD release of this title, which is availabe in the U.S., but I wanted to see what the SACD might have to offer. The biggest difference is the range...there is far more upper detail that can be heard as well as lower-end prominence, which is more noticeable no songs that have more drums and bass. This would be an interesting title in 5.1, especially if they remixed it with the same care that went into the Elton John SACD's available. What I love about doing this in 5.1 is that the main vocals can be isolated in the center channel allowing for much more clarity and then the left and right can carry the majority of the musical content, while the surrounds can act as a playing field for ambiance or interesting mixing of certain instruments, harmonies, etc.

Overall both are far superior as one would expect from the SACD over the CD's, but these are probably only going to really appeal to fans since neither one are near demo or reference quality for the mild fan.

07-12-2006, 06:38 PM
The surrounds are ambient in nature and not playful as you might find in other recordings that are meant for 5.1 showing off.

That's actually refreshing to read, since the bain of most multi-channel releases of yore (Quad 8-track) was that they were really gimmicky in this respect. The music lover and audiophile alike ecshewed Quad because of this and consequently, Quad failed to grab enough of the market. Add to that the fact that 8-track and even reel-to-reel were low res (way low), Quad never really stood much of a chance. Hopefully engineers will take a rational approach to mixing multichannel, but considering that they haven't always gotten 2-channel right...

I know that DVD-A and SACD are both high res mediums, but only a handful of people I know even care that a multi-channel medium exists. Even people who've plopped down serious bucks for HT. Too many different, competing mediums are out now, and the general listening public is confused.

Anyway I just thought I'd chime in with my two cents, sorry if I rambled...I figured the Air Supply would have generated much more interest from RR'ers like Davey, Dusty and Troy.