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Mr Peabody
07-07-2006, 08:38 PM
I finally got my copy of Tristania, Beyond the Veil, in this week. This is a great album. I'm not normally into the gruff vocals but this album has a variety of vocals and the music is so good I can easily deal with what gruff is here. I also got Epica, Consigned To Oblivion, which I like but felt it was very short on guitar. To me if you want to be Metal, guitar is as important as double pedal bass drum or gruff vocals. Epica is almost like a symphony on top of a heavy back beat. But the talented vocals, melodies and composition make this Epica album good. Tristania, however, has the symphonic passages, a sprinkle of chorus AND all the elements of Metal. Tristania does an incredible job of weaving and blending all these elements together in a unified powerful song. Nothing sticks out or sounds out of place in the songs. I thought the guitar riffs actually had more of a vintage Metal sound to them.

If something happened to my music collection, Beyond the Veil and Nightwish's, Once, would be on my "must replace" list.

I checked out their website and one of the members isn't with the band anymore and it looks like nothing recent is going on for them. I plan to check out some more of their titles.

This maybe should be a thought for another thread, but, would you agree that Metal from outside the U.S. is progressing to new levels where American bands seem to be stagnating. I mean some bands like System of Down, is sort of doing a new sound and the Rock/Rap thing had a spirt but nothing like what I'd compare to Nightwish or Tristania, who both are out of Norway. Even Prog Metal in the U.S. is limited to certain coastal cities or the internet.