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07-07-2006, 06:18 PM
Im trying to make a decision between a pair of Jamo D450 or 870 loudspeakers and the comparably priced Tannoy Eyris 3 Loudspeakers and was hoping you good people could help me out a bit:

Neither speaker has much available information on the net in regard to reviews, performance, quality, etc. It comes down to one of these models (why this is the case is a whole other story) but I dont have either available in my area to listen to. Ill be listening primarily to music like Pink Floyd and occasional movies. I want a speaker that handles details and nuances of music very well, that has depth and doesnt have a sterile type of sound. Bass is not a big concern because I will be buying a subwoofer as well but I want my front channels to handle a good range of frequencies quite well.
- Which of these 2 speakers would work better for those goals?
- Which speaker company is more highly regarded? Neither are very familiar to me...
- Finally, the 2 Jamo models (D450 and D870) are comparably priced and have mixed technical specs...What is the better speaker?

Thanks in advance!