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07-06-2006, 09:26 AM
Well, i found 4 spectacular CD's for the music lover. The last two are most enjoyable on fullrange, linesources with full dynamics and frequency responce. The other two are very good but do not demand the most acoustical power. Give them a try :-)

1. Mariza- Transparente (Portugese Fado) "EMI" ""
2.Cristina Branco - Ulisses
3. OEHMS Classics- Phantomes- An Organ Spectacular (recorded 5 miles from my home in CD and SACD on a over 62 registers pipe organ from 89.
4. Ian Tracy plays Organ Transcriptins on the Henry Willis III Grand Organ of Liverpool Cathedral on the Michael Woodward label



07-06-2006, 04:17 PM
Hey Flo,

I'll add these to my already lengthy search list. I don't mind a blind buy now and then, and I trust your tastes. To throw a couple back at you in the fullrange organ genre, check out:
--Camille Saint-Saens~Symphony No.3 in C minorSACD, RCA Living Stereo 82876-61387-2
--Mozart~Requiem in D minor,K.626SACD, Deutsche Grammophon 471 693-2gsa
Both will move some air if you have the means, and I know you do :)