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07-02-2006, 04:47 AM
I've scraped together around $800 to spend on new mains for my H/T set up. The
vintage monitors I have a good for music, but were never meant for H/T. They will go
to a vintage system(stereo) next year. Being a member here for a couple months
now, I've seen 4 speaker brands over and over, and though I've never heard them,
they must be highly regarded; I've seen these within my budget;
Paradigm Ref Studio 40
Axiom 705
B+W 805S
PSB Image B25
The following I have heard, and are on my list;
Polk RTi6(Good soundstage)
Athena AS-B2.2(Alittle "piercing" or overdone on the high side) but not bad.
Wharfendale EV08 Monitor(Very Good)
And a company I've not seen mentioned, I checked these out at magnolia audio, and
they sound and look excellent, Any background on these would be helpful;
Monitor Audio Silver Series RS1
As we know, there's a ton of choices out there, it can get crazy. I'm glad I'm a member
here to get the info needed. I'd like to "cut" this list to 4, and then we'll go for it. TKS
FYI, The system has a SUB :13:

07-02-2006, 06:31 AM
Axzioms M50's are nice and the Polk RTi8 are nice. You should get a lot for 800. You could go Axiom M22 for mains and M3 and have your matching surrounds since you have a sub. Sweet setup. Just a center when you can.

07-02-2006, 07:23 AM
I would move into a entirely different quality range by buying used. Here we go on the Flo Train to Musicville ;-)

Anyways, i have no affiliation with the seller but did take 1hr of my time looking through Audiogon for ya-

Listed not necesseraly in order

Soliloquy 5.3 maple color

Dali Suite 2.8 full range

Swan Diva 6.1

Totem Staff

Snell acoustics C/V

Klipsch RF5

Thiel CS 3.5

Paradigm Studio 60 V2

Tannoy Saturn S8

Jm lab Cobalt 810

Apogee Slant 8

My recommendations are obviously for the Apogee (altoug you will want better electronics in the long run with them. My other choices would be the Thiel, Klipsch, Totems, Snell and Dali......

Have fun


Addon: Actually i just looked into your equipment list, and IF you do buy something based on my recommendation your next step will be to upgrade the electronics. In that sense, dont buy the Apogee as there is no way they will even show 40% of what they can do on your current electronics. Its not ment in a bad way, but i dont think it would be a good match yet. You may wanna be carefull on the Thiels, Dali and Tannoys too since they are high in resolution.

07-02-2006, 07:56 AM
Yea, since I am always on a budget (new baby, "family car"(yuck) for said kid), my
hobbie has to kept low key for awhile. All my gear is used, or aleast a year old. I do
need to improve the speaker issue. I'm gonna go thru your list, and see how things
match, thanks for investing your time, thats why I love this place. Shok..thks, I am
gonna give the polks another listen today, with some tunes I play alot.

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07-02-2006, 09:12 AM
How can i put this delicately, the speakers i posted a "different" then any Polks. They are a step above them, and i suggest that you go out to a High End store and a listen to some Tannoys, Thiels etc... now they will be way above your budget BUT, not too much used if you get lucky ;-)

07-02-2006, 11:31 PM
Flo, thanks for the info, I looked at tannoy's when I started thinking about a change,
but thought they were way out of reach, but I really like there precision 8 speaker, and
at around $500 each, it's doable, I'm gonna look around for some used ones. Also,
just an observation, Europe, really has some good looking, and sounding speaker
companies out there, and canada for that matter. The quality in workmanship is
way above U.S brands(That I have seen). With out being able to listen, to every
speaker out there, I look at fit and finish of the cabinet, driver mounting, etc. I mean,
for the most part it's not close. Thanks for the help (as usual).:)