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01-30-2004, 11:32 AM
Just curious if anyone listens to 2 channel music on Neo six (on music setting). I think I'm starting to like it better than just two channel. No voices in the back speakers like Dolby Pro logic 2. Just slight background sounds.

01-30-2004, 11:44 AM
I too listen a lot to DTS neo 6 music mode, and prefer it to Dolby prologic2. it just sounds better to me. when sounds come out of the surround speakers in PL2 it just doesnt sound right. I even have watched movies on tv in the NEO 6 setting on music mode rather than cinema mode. again to my personal tastes it sounds better and i have had other friends agreee when they hear the difference.
I own an Onkyo tx-sr 900 receiver and i also use the all channel stereo setting. especially when listening to background music at lower volumes. it does not sound right when cranked, but it is nice to have sound coming out of all speakers at the same time for parties.
I have the receiver connected to an adcom 3 channel amp driving my klipsch reference series speakers at 200x3 the sound is very dynamic and alive in NEO 6. the surrounds and back surrounds run off the receiver.

01-30-2004, 12:17 PM
I just recently started trying NEO 6 because my front left and right speakers seemed to be lacking something when playing music (mainly jazz). They are CSW mc300's with a Hsu vtf-2. I know they were designed mainly with home theater in mind but I have been listening to more music lately. I upgraded my center channel from a mc300 to a mc500 which is a 3 way speaker with two 6 1/2" woofers instead of the 3 1/2" in the mc300. I haven't received it yet but I thought it might help overall performance until I can upgrade the left and right. Anyway, the neo 6 seems to have helped the sound already.

01-30-2004, 12:27 PM
I really like Neo 6 for music. I find that it gives a smother sound between the front three speakers. It seems like Neo 6 still lets your mains do most of the work, which I like. PLII seems to direct to much sound to the center speaker. At least that's what I hear. The rear surrounds don't really bother me in PLII as much as the center speaker. I also like Neo 6 better in cinema mode when watching cable. PLII just does not seem as seamless.