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06-22-2006, 10:39 AM
I have a new 5990 and am having trouble getting video to my recorders (Toshiba DVD rcdr, Toshiba VCR/DVD combo, Sony VHS VCR). I have big dish satellite with a HDD-200 decoder - component out or S-video out from decoder (although S-video prevents some channels from coming through) to HTR-5990, then component out or S-video out to Toshibas. Neither unit gets video to record, although both play back disks perfectly and tape as well (the combo unit). Does anyone know if the HDD-200's conversion of analog signals to 1080i could be the problem? Or interlaced versus progressive? Or must the signal be the same from entry into the receiver as a component signal to output - as a component signal. That is, component in can't be recorded as composite out or S-video out, for instance. The manual is confusing on this point, I believe.Any advice would be appreciated. Dick:yesnod: