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The Tahitijack
06-20-2006, 07:34 AM
I have a plasma with one HDMI that is just for dvd play in my home theater. I am going to add one in my great room for cable and dvd play. My reciever does not have HDMI in/out. Do I need to buy a plasma with 2 HDMI, one for cable one for dvd? Thanks for your advice.

06-20-2006, 09:04 AM
Most of the video fun, like upconverting, and the necessities, like copy protection, are possible only via HDMI (or DVI), which make HDMI the safe bet for reception of HD via DVD or TV. Though none of them has exercised the option to this point, content providers can withhold HD signals from analog connections as they see fit. A good plasma with dual HDMI inputs is always welcome. But if the plasma of your dreams (or price) only has one, you could always invest in an HDMI switch from Gefen or someone else. HDMI signals also have the added benefit of preserving a degree of sharpness that can be missing with analog component.

The Tahitijack
06-20-2006, 01:03 PM
Thanks edtyct.

I had the feeling 2 would alway be better than 1 and I would prefer not adding a switch. My calble service has HD programing on quite a few channels and they look great on my neighbors Samsung 42 inch plasma.

One last question: How do plasmas recognize which HDMI signal to display. My guess is a source button on the plasma remote because the cable would constantly feed programing when the plasma was off while the cable was on. Or program the remote to turn on the plasma and idivdually activate dvd, cable or vcr. Basic stuff for you but all new for me.

06-20-2006, 01:23 PM
Each HDMI connection will have an input number just like the rest of the connections, capable of either direct access with its own button or indirect access by toggling through the various options (grrrr). Whichever input, HDMI or otherwise, happens to be active when you turn on the set will get the signal, assuming that one is coming its way. What remains to be seen is how well a set is able to switch between two HDMI inputs on the fly. In some situations, the switch from one to the other will fail unless the set keeps both HDMI inputs operational; that is, if the set shuts down one input while the other is playing, the inactive one might get locked out until the set is rebooted. Maybe you'll be able to find out ahead of time by doing a little research about your chosen plasma. This situation would be on the order of a nuisance rather than an inevitable deal breaker--just one of HDMI's litany of growing pains.