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06-12-2006, 09:45 AM
my friend and I want to capture some gameplay footage of some multiplayer games. Im going to be buying a Sony DCR-HC26 that has its I LINK connection which allows av input. My main question that throwing me off is how do I capture the footage but still be able to see whats going on on my TV? Is there an rca splitter I can buy? Im assuming id need to tap into the output of the xbox.

I've also got an output on my TV (basic red/white/yellow) but the manual doesnt really explain how it works. If thats something that can assist me great, but Id really like the output to be s-video.

I do have an HDTV so Im using component. Getting a component output to the handycam would be great. But Id live with an S-video feed if its easier. I've tried searching online for a splitter but I must be searching with the wrong words. Any idea what splitters I have to choose from? Maybe a point in the right direction if possible? Thanks in advance for helping an AV newb lol