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06-12-2006, 08:40 AM
I am not mentioning dvd players here to harass or bother you guys, or to keep the mods employed. No, I want to buy a dvd player of which the main purpose is playing audio cd's. The difference in price is about $250, but apparently the DV-6600 is optimized for SA-CD and other audio formats. Now my question is, is this $250 justified on the DV-6600? I don't use the HDMI functionality and I don't have a single super audio cd, ande none I'm interested in are available. Would it perhaps be a good idea to save myself the $250 and buy myself a dedicated cd-player for audio in the future?

I do prefer to have one that does both for now since I don't have much space for devices and gadgets to begin with.

Any advice would be appreciated!