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Mr Peabody
06-10-2006, 09:18 AM
This station has been on the net since 1997 so many of you may know about it but I just learned of it and thought I'd pass it along in case.

What is it going to take to get commercial radio to wake up and realize that people don't want to hear the same songs over and over or want to be force fed songs that suck. Programmers talk to me like I am an abnormalty. That's funny thhat all my friends I talk to about radio agree with me. Maybe they are just being nice. I can understand turning on the youth to Classic Rock and it's the thing now but mix it up some. Besides that if their parents listen to rock, if they ain't heard it by now......

Finding this forum and learning to go out on the internet for a listen of fresh music has been a life line from insanity.

06-10-2006, 11:24 AM
Finding this forum and learning to go out on the internet for a listen of fresh music has been a life line from insanity.

Amen to that Brother!

06-10-2006, 11:49 AM
>What is it going to take to get commercial radio to wake up and realize that people don't want to hear the same songs over and over or want to be force fed songs that suck.

When advertisers stop caring about the focus groups that indicate that there's still an audience out there to reach, and when programmers stop caring about not only the songs those focus groups show as being the ones the audience wants to hear, but also the influence of independent promotion.

In other words, there are plenty of people who DO want to hear those 'songs that suck,' and the same songs over and over. If there was money to be made broadcasting what someone else thinks is a better programming option, it'd be a format on a Clear Channel station. And they only program what their audience tells them they want to hear.

Mr Peabody
06-10-2006, 02:20 PM
Well when the focus group is asked if they want to hear song A or song B and they both are over played, then you still get over played. I hear programmers talking all the time about these so called focus groups, I liked to know where they are. I've lived in Atlanta and St. Louis and have never been asked to join one or even heard about one from friends. The only thing I've ever experienced was the telephone survey. Those have either been, what radio station would play this, or which song, A or B. The focus group is a programmers excuse not to get off their duff and do any work. It's pretty easy to program 30 minutes of a station and let it roll. OH, look here, this is what people want to hear. I'm saying to you, or anyone else that stands up for that crap, if you can sit and listen to the music these stations are playing over and over, your IQ must be at the lower end of the scale. Today's radio is like Chinese torture.

Somes genres of music actually had more than one good song per album. So why do stations only play one song by a group, and the same song over and over? It defies any logic. If you have 3 songs on an album that's "good"(made playlists or charts in the past), then why not play all 3? If you say, as programmers do, that most people only listen 30 minutes give or take, that dont hold water. If I only listen 30 minutes and as long as a "good" song was playing, why would I care which of the 3 it was? Are you saying that there are people that would turn off their radio for ever if they actually heard a song by Kansas that wasn't Carry On Wayward Son? Let's take Top 40, after getting played once an hour until the song starts to drop down the chart, these songs are sometimes never heard on radio again. Sometimes that's a good thing:) But if it charted once, couldn't it be enjoyable again some year down the road. There's too much music out there to beat people over the head with a hand full of songs. The truth is greedy bastard corporations with their BS focus groups have the air waves, concert venues and major labels locked up. If you went to the store and they only had white bread and you wanted a sandwhich, you'd buy white bread. Me personally, If I've been eating white bread all my life and tired of it, it's time for soup. Or, anything but white bread. Programmers today are mindless, brain washed, corporate Yes Men. They are absolutely brain washed, how else can all of you spout off the same canned BS. I think there must be a corporate programmer class on How To Put Off Listeners who question the scheme. Every single programmer I've ever talked to gives the same crap and it's almost identical to post #3, you must be in radio. There is so much good music out there that don't get a chance because of this corporate greed and closed shop mentallity. The only reason radio still exists and you all continue to get away with this is because most of your victims aren't aware of all the choices that are out there. I think, and hope, that others will find their way that the current system will break. It wasn't like this when radio started. K-SHE 95 in St. Louis was an independent R&R station that was a legend until being bought out by Emmis. Now they survive because they bought out all competition and some are loyal to what they were. But during their independent days they gave life to music that would have been lost today. Some of this remained regionally popular and some caught on and went national. This regional music is so popular that the corporation still allows it to be played on Sunday morning block programming. That's the way it should be. The music industry is the Company Store. You listen to what they play, buy what they play, watch in their venue, and like it. And if you don't, we will whip out our focus group, biased and bogus as it is, on you! You see this focus group spread sheet you little weirdo?! Everyone wants the Blacked Eyed Peas and they want it every hour on the hour, what the F is wrong with you?! You either conform or be cast out!

I feel like the music industry has the world in the Matrix and those of us who search and have found Indie music and bands from other countries to feed our appetite for something better and different are the only ones who are free. Those programmers are just like those robot guys that kept after Kiano.

I have a message for you mister corporate puppet, whoever you are, I've turned your sh*t off and I'm still alive and I don't miss it! If anyone reads this that isn't free yet, turn the radio off!!! Go to the internet radio, music forums, satelite, whatever it takes to find music alternatives. there is so much out there you will be overwhelmed as I was. Most of my money now spent on music has gone to labels I've never heard and for music that is awesome, and I've never heard on my local radio station.

06-10-2006, 03:30 PM
You miss the point. You're directing yr anger at corporations that own radio stations. The culprits are advertisers and the people who listen to those stations. Radio only exists to make money, not to play what you or I want to hear. Amazing that people still don't grasp this. It's not that difficult a concept. Stations derive their income from advertising. Because I recognize this, you have me pegged for someone who works in radio? Are you kidding?

I haven't listened to music on commercial radio stations in over 20 years. You're giving me a lecture on 'radio doesn't play the GOOD songs?' Please. I was done with AOR by 1985. The corporations that buy up radio stations are only half the story. The habits of the marketplace were formed by the people who thought it was a good idea to abandon free-form FM rock radio because someone might change the dial if they heard something they weren't familiar with. Noone more so than Lee Abrams, who I notice you didn't mention in yr unwitting condemnation of the results of his work.

Clear Channel didn't go on their buying spree until 20 years after that, or 10 years after I'd had enough. If you think you're making some great point because you've reached saturation, well, you aren't exactly the first to come to this conclusion, but you couldn't be more wrong in taking it out on me or assuming I have anything to do with the radio industry, which I don't. You have more to do with the radio industry than I do--you're either a member of their audience, or you were until recently. How you put with listening to the same thing over & over for 30 years before finally realizing it's tiresome is beyond me, but then I don't think we'd agree on what the 'good' songs are, anyway.

Meanwhile, I'm sure you have a great rationale as to why radio should play music that their audience doesn't pre-approve, or why advertisers would pay to reach the small minority of people who'd care if they actually had wider playlists. By pointing this out, you think I'm part of that industry? How insightful.

I wouldn't have wanted to assume that a guy complaining about not hearing a wider variety of Kansas songs on the radio wouldn't recognize that someone with a Ramones logo for an avatar isn't interested in defending narrow playlists, but I guess it's a safe bet after all.

Mr Peabody
06-10-2006, 07:50 PM
I assumed you are, or was, in radio because you have their canned answer down. Of course, I realize the stations exist to make money but if no one listens then who hears the commercials? If would seem to make sense that if people could listen longer, or at all, an advertiser would have more of a chance for some one to hear their commercials. The ratings racket exists to make money too and that's how the stations show who is the big fish in the market. I believe it's all smoke and mirrors. If they really took a wide poll of a metro area chances are i'd have been contacted at least once. Then again, I've never been on jury duty either. I guess as long as a station can convince advertisers they have listeners, then they stay in business. Radio must have some concerns in that area, I've heard commercials on radio, for radio. Reminding listeners they were there first and they are free. Johohvah's Witnesses will give you pamplets for free too but people run from them.

I don't know where you got 30 years from. It's not been until the last decade or so that technology was available to give alternatives to radio. I am a music junky and until I found other avenues I listened to radio in hopes of finding out about new music. Me personally, I typically don't buy an album unless I hear some of it. I do likeKansas quite a bit. I also have some Ramones. We don't have to agree on what a good song is, that's the beauty of it. The world would be pretty dull with only one kind of music. You might be surprised though as to what I think is good. My collection is varied and touches many genres. A wide variety of Rock is the corner stone though.