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06-02-2006, 06:17 PM
Hi all -
Anyone hear 600 series powered by NAD Electronics? I have the NAD T753 and thinking of buying B&W 600 series speakers.

06-04-2006, 11:39 AM
I've got a NAD T742 pushing B&W 602 s3's. It's a decent combination, and it's probably hard to do significantly better for the same money if you're after a multichannel receiver and 2 speakers. However, there's obviously better to be had (duh...). If you were after the best 2 channel sound possible, you'd spend the money on a good integrated or separate system rather than a multichannel receiver.

While I love multichannel sound for movies as much as the next guy, there are times when I wish I would've put my budget into a better 2-channel system. I don't think NAD receivers even begin to compare to what you'd get if you put the same budget into a strictly 2-channel integrated, and if you were to spend even more on a better integrated or move up to a good separate system, I don't think those benefits would be lost on the 602's. Apparently they keep getting better with the quality of the electronics in front of them. I've heard of them being well used with several thousand worth of amplification.

But, this is all pretty obvious anyways. Bottom line though is that for the money, NAD receivers and B&W 600 series speakers are pretty good.