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05-30-2006, 08:59 PM
i would like to set up an outdoor wireless speaker. nothing too fancy - i'd like to keep the price under $150. i recently purchased the sharper image wireless 900mhz speakers (probably will return because the quality wasn't too great), but i was only able to get them to work by directly hooking the wireless node to my cd player. i have a yamaha rx-v1400 receiver and ideally would like to have the wireless speaker connected to the receiver. another wireless option i was looking at was the Brookstone Outdoor Wireless Speaker (sounded good in the store).

my main question is: how do i hook a wireless speaker up to my receiver? i thought i could hook the wireless node into the zone 2 or zone 3 jacks in my receiver, but the sharper image speakers were not receiving a signal. i want to be able to play music/tv/radio/etc outside and inside at the same time.

any thoughts?