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05-30-2006, 06:19 PM
I was on the web and came across a site that deals with fial "tweaks", That is thingswe can do after everything is up and running, there was about 20 items. One that caughtmy eye was "Parallel RFI Filtering At Speaker Input". The device is used to reduce RFI
in the speaker interface and also to reduce "ringing" caused by spaeker load
impedance. The recommened gear is Enacom audio noise filters (speaker type).
I saw a pic and they attach across the terminals and the speaker wire plugs into the
filter. Is this worth a shot? They were'nt cheap, $41 a peace. It said bakground noise
was GREATLY reduced and overall resolution increased, especially in the
upper midrange(which would be perfect). Classic piano recording were used and
became much more "real". I don't know, what ya think? Piano music is a good way
to test mid to upper midrange tone.