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11-18-2003, 10:27 AM
After some of the feedback I received at the old forum last week, I will be auditioning speakers later this week and will probably focus on the Dynaudio Audience 52s (as fronts), Dynaudio Audience 42C as the center channel, and the Rotel RB-1070 or RMB-1075. I will be trading in my Paradigm Titans and CC-170 since my dealer has a one-year upgrade policy. When I purchased the Paradigms, I did not realize that one could negotiate a lower price than the retail prices. What would be a reasonable discount from retail for the Dynaudio speakers and Rotel amp?


11-18-2003, 09:52 PM
Not sure about prices but you can get that by calling a few dealers and getting an average; the important thing you know is 10-20% off asking is usually attainable. I used to be in the retail arena, and frankly I would walk if I didn't get at least 10% off in a transaction of that size; trust me they will stop you especially if a manager is involved... this is key...a manager will never let a client walk when the offer is close. The best thing would be to get the dealer prices, then call and tell them you are prepared to buy them today, if the deal is good for you, advise them that you'd like to pay $xxxxx, which is 25% off asking. Following that they should counter at 10-20% off retail. Sometimes doing this over phone gives you the advantage because they feel you can easily shop elsewhere if you don't like the offer. The key is to be firm and know the numbers, they will budge.

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