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05-26-2006, 06:37 PM
:7: I am awaiting delivery of the pioneer vsx1015. I tested this unit last year(It was new for 05)
at a cambridge soundworks speaker room, and was very impressed with it's sound and design, but out of my reach at $750. Now a year later it's time has come. My A/V system is complete oth than delivery of this unit. I did a years worth of research on 6.1 and 7.1
units in the $500-$650 price range(my limit, sorry to say).But the pioneer stayed with me
though all my best buy/box store/internet searches. Although it's not on the shelf anymore, i was still impressed from a year ago. I bought the unit on ebay($370, I know..stupid crazy deal, and brand new ,not referbed, i called to make sure). So i saw all the very positive reviews post by the various online store outlets, nothing negitive, which started bothering me, I mean nothings perfect, but at this price, and what heard in that sound room, I stuck to my plan and bought it. Then I start
reading forums like this one(which is the best out of at least 50 I checked), and see ALL kinds of negitive stuff on this unit(Need crazy volume levels, lousy seperation, crappy remote/won't play music etc). I don't know if there were set-up problems or what, I got with pioneer, of course the guy told me they sold THOUSANDS of these units in 05. I hope you guys, and girls can tell me for the price I paid, I have a receiver that rocks and won't give much hassle on set-up. By the way other receivers tried
Yamaha RX-V630(To much money)
Denon ANR-1803(To Bright and money)
Sony STR-DE 998 7.1(maintance issues, got scared):5: