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05-24-2006, 10:54 AM
I was blackmailed into buying 2 tickets to their concert in Sept.. I am not really a fan but I heard their dvd and thought that a couple songs were pretty good. Anybody see these guys? Anyways if by chance I don't go I think I can make a profit on these tickets as they are in demand.
Also Rob Zombie is coming to town and I want to go to that too. But I've been on a spending spree and need to get control of my credit card. Even so I think I'll be able to scrap up some disposable income for this show.
What I'm really interested in is comparing the live show to how it sounds on my system. The last concert I went to my system was blown away by the real thing. Since then I have upgraded and think that it should be in the ballpark. However this venue I expect will be outside and will not have the great acoustic enviroment of our auditorium.