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Mr Peabody
05-18-2006, 06:32 PM
I'm currently subscribed to Charter cable and use a Moxi box. Those who may be reading this and not familiar the Moxi is a HD and DVR cable box. This unit is pretty amazing if you can get one with no bugs. You can even record HD programming. The company is really good at teaching one to hate them. I used to have satelite but they bought me over by buying my dish and giving a killer deal on programming. It will be back to the bargaining table in another year or so.

Anyway, I can't figure out if any PPV is HD or even if it is 5.1. I can't find the info on the guide and the customer service reps say the info isn't there. I don't trust the CSR's, most of them think I am speaking another language when I get beyond "is your TV on?". I just wondered if anyone else uses this box or have experience watching PPV to know if any of it is HD or 5.1. I'm not paying to watch a movie that isn't at least 5.1 when I can rent the DVD for the same price. I realize that cables ability varies wildly from city to city but go ahead and share what you have in your area if you will.

On the HD movie channels I can get 5.1 if the movie is broadcast that way but I thought the HD channels were the only ones in 5.1, I was watching Stars one night and happened to have the HT on and noticed to my surprise that the movie on Stars was in 5.1. It would be nice to have some way of knowing what was or wasn't 5.1. When I had Dishnet nothing, other than maybe HD, was in 5.1 though they were supposed to be all digital. The cable company went all digital last year and I wonder if anymore channels may have 5.1 capability. At this point I guess the only thing I can do is watch with my HT system on all the time to get a feel for it. The Stars movies is far from consistent with what is shown in 5.1. I can't figure why some would be and others wouldn't. I'm talking about movies I know are 5.1.