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11-18-2003, 09:37 AM
i am currently looking for some mid priced main speakers for my setup. i am looking for something that will sound clear and accurate but with the ability to get loud. i am looking to spend up to $600 for the pair. I have a few in mind, at the top of my list are the Athena FS-2, i really like the sound from those and i am looking other options that are comparable. i also like the yamaha NS-555. the reason that i am posting is because i have been reading about fluance 938m speakers and i want to get some opinions to weather or not they will comapre to something like the yamahas. These speakers will be used mainly for music and also as the main speakers in my HT setup.
they will be powered buy my HT reciever wich does 130wpc.@8 ohms.
any advice or sugetions are welcomed.
also i tend to prefer speakers that produce fairly bright highs.
i will also have a sub, so super low ferq arent that important

11-19-2003, 12:31 AM
That athena is a decent speaker from what i have heard at best buy and read about them in better listening environments but at $600 you can do better, and the Yamahas are not even the league of these below. Search for Hi-Fi stereo shops in your area and use the websites below to find dealers nearby and go listening. You will be glad you did. Do not judge any speaker by its size or the size of its drivers, many bookshelves are the best speakers available under $1k. The speakers I mention are well reviewed and will grow better as your system does. Most will play as loud as you need, unless you are trying to fill a very large room. Some will save you money, allowing for some good cables or interconncts within a $600 budget, while some may require you to stretch a little. A few examples:

Energy C-3 Bookshelf $499

Paradigm Studio 20 or Monitor 7 ~$600-700 (the studio is one of the best I've heard under $1k)

Axiom m22ti or m50ti $400-620 (the m50 is on special deal for 558 shipped)

dynaudio audience 50 or 52 used from www.audiogon.com

so you see now its time to go hear them, and read some reviews, and don't forget dealers should usually take 10-20% off retail if you are a firm haggler

Also make sure you use a quality CD or DVD player, not a mainstream unit like sony, toshiba, jvc. The key is good quality DACS like Burr Brown for audio, unlike most DVD players that focus on video! I just moved to a Denon dvd-900 and the sound moved to a new level for me, I never believed how much the CD player meant until now. Make sure your player is by an AUDIO FIRST name like denon marantz nad onkyo etc.. or your speakers will not sound like they are meant to.