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05-15-2006, 06:35 PM

I have a year old Sony 51WS520 Projection TV which I need to move from LA to SF. The mover told me that they have seen cases where the alignment on the TV goes bad and needs to be re-aligned. How often does this really happen? The TV has a Flash Focus feature which basically automatically fixes the convergence on the TV. Would that work to fix it? Also, if that doesn't work, how much does it cost to get the picture re-aligned professionally?

Thanks for all your guys' help!

05-16-2006, 04:16 AM
If you move an RP CRT, you'll almost certainly have to reconverge it. In many cases, if the TV isn't treated too rudely, you might be able to reconverge the guns using the user controls. If that doesn't do the trick, someone will have to enter the service menu. You could try it, provided that you buy the manual and find instruction on the web, but it is a dangerous business to start playing blindly with the codes. I'd get someone qualified to do it, and it is always possible that something more serious can happen in transit that will require expert treatment. If you enlisted a technician only to perform an alignment, I could imagine the labor alone costing $50, but other expenses would obtain for home visit and God knows what. So don't quote me. Get an estimate over the telephone before assenting to any work. Also, be absolutely clear about what liability your mover covers for TVs. RP CRTs are delicate instruments. The optics and tubes are fragile.