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01-27-2004, 09:25 AM
I'll give this a quick shot to try to get people going....

Jason Molina's Pyramid Electric Co- Jason and a guitar (or piano) singing his arse off on songs as dark and bleak as you've ever heard. Not a good place for a beginner to start listening to Molina, but it is very good, IMO. Having been recorded in 2001, I just wonder if it isn't a snapshot of a place in this artist's development that he has already moved way beyond.

Van the Man, What's Wrong With This Picture- I like it, but I still think he's sleepwalking with one eye open.

Okkervil River's Down The River Of Golden Dreams- fantastic, one of my current favs.
British Sea Power- sure sounds good at max volume.
Twilight Singers, Blackberry Belle- Also dang good with the volume up.
Josh Ritter, Hello Starling- I really like this and am thinking about a comp around one of the tunes......
And mooooore.
Anybody else?

01-27-2004, 09:37 AM
.....I've got Forever Now on by The Psychedelic Furs .

But looking at whats stacked on the corner of my desk I see Turn on the bright lights - Interpol , 154 - Wire , Closer - Joy Division , Street Core Joe Strummer and Vs - Mission of Burma .


01-27-2004, 10:32 AM
Best of a huge pile o' sh_t...

-- Livin' Blues-
First CD collection I've seen from them, so I scoffed this up (3-CD set). I'd had most of their LPs from the late 60's/early 70's, so this was heaven. They were a Dutch Blues band in the vein of Taste/Savoy Brown, etc... but they had their own sound. They played a variety of different styled songs, so every cut was a different tempo/sound. Rarely are CD sets so chock full of stuff & devoid of filler. Holland has more interesting R&R artists than any other euro country IMO (yeah, I have hundreds of German albums), and this is a prime example why. This is 67-73 material, and it's great!

-- Giles/Giles/Fripp-Brondesbury Tapes(68)-
Was alerted about this by BradH, who had a cut from this on one of his comps. Until then I didn't know this was out there. It's amazing it took Frippo this long to release this (02), but perhaps he saw it as too raw or poppy... the liner notes state it (the master tape) was in private hands, and although there are LOTs of notes, they don't answer many of questions I had about this. It's among Fripp's first recordings... pre-King Crimson, with 2 nice early versions of "I Talk to the Wind" among the 21 cuts. Some is 2'nd rate material, but most is pretty good considering when it was recorded. It sounds like the tapes these came from were near death.... there's some audible tape scrapping & flutter on a few of the quieter sections... but that's also probably a result of Fripp's early overdub process which is explained in the liner notes... he used a Revox F36 (2-track) and his own overdub technique. Some nice vocals by Judy Dyble... anglophiles will know her well. The cover has one Pig-Ugly photo of Fripp & the boys!

-- The Moon-
2 long-lost American pop LPs on 1-CD... Beatle-esque pop from 68-69. The band had an ex-Beach Boy and ex-Arrow(Davey Allen). I had one of these on LP. but not both, and this is their first time on CD, with 5 bonus tracks. Not of classic status like Big Star or Blossom Toes, but pretty good, and certainly rare as hell. A good conversion too. Better than most of the old R&R stuff being dug out of the attics & basement these days.

-- Tiny Volcano-
Still the best thing I've heard from last year (03), although I haven't heard that many CDs from last year yet. Not groundbreaking, but very nicely done melodic sounds a la Wondermints, with echoes of Beach Boys, Beatles, Badfinger, Jellyfish, XTC. Not of the quality of either of those bands, but this grows on me... every time I play it (skip the first-spoken-word cut), I go all the way through, a rarity for most CDs these days.

-- Joanna Connor-Slidetime-
Hadn't listened to this 98 Blind Pig CD in quite a while. Blues-guitarist JC is pretty standard blues fare, but she stays within her limitations. solid "B" grade from me.

-- Mick Taylor-14 Below-
'03 release of this 95 live gig in Santa Monica. Quite excellent standard Blues stuff.

-- Michael Ramel-Till Dej-
One of the rarest of all my Swedish albums ('69)... never thought I'd see this on CD (03) (with 7 bunus cuts!) If you know Ramel, you know what a delight this is. As with his other stuff, it's an early sounding mix of pop/rock/jazz/psychedelia, yet with a Swedish bent, but only enough to make it sweet. Like Fripp above, he uses his own (different style ) real-time, 2-track dubbing technique... so it's not surprising some cuts echo Zappa's early recordings (Frank did the same type of time-consuming tape manipulations). Like Frank and Fripp, great minds think alike I guess. Nice package too.

Nice 4-disc set of (most) all their stuff. For those unaware, they were the first REAL all-girl Rock & Roll band (70-73). This has all their albums plus some extra stuff. I have all their original LP's, which is why I got this. I was a little disappointed because the liner notes (really good) explain that they were a much ballsier band live than in the studio, yet we only hear a few samples of that here. Jean Millington explains how the corporate suits pretty much treated them like slaves, and how people like Todd Rundgren produced them with total autocratic control (talented, but a prick). Lots of background stuff I was never aware of. It's shame things couldn't have gone a little differently for em, cause they were more talented than many of their peers at the time. Only for real fans, but a nice package.