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04-30-2006, 10:10 AM
RCA interconnect cables have been a hobby just as much as the equipment they interface with. Some people think it best not to mix and match but to stay with one style cable throught the system, however I argue this.

I have chosen cables for their virtues based on how well they sound after being broken in on a piece of equipment for a couple of weeks. Roght now, in my system, I have Cardas 300B interfaced with my tuner, Kimber Kable Silver Streak between my pre-amp and amp. I recently purchased a Sony SCD C2000ES CD/SACD player. It's a decent unit, but not outstanding as you can read in my review.

Anyway, to the point; I really wanted to squeeze the best performance possible out of this unit. I tried Audioquest Diamond Back, no base and too bright for this player. Next, I upgraded to Audioquest Cobra; this was a mistake because not only was I missing base but the top end was way too bright.

Just for the heck of it, I dared to insert a monster cable; yes a Monster cable, one would think this is totally unacceptable to insert a cable you can get down the street from you average massive everything electronics store. Not so with this monster cable, the M1000i.
This cable is not found in you common electronics shop, it's a $200 cable available from more respected vendors of Monster cable.

Well, to make this long and verbose writing to a point, the Monter way over achieved after a two week break in which must be done with this cable. After the break in period this is what the cable delivered, better than any other cable in my system with the exception of the Kimber.

This cable delivered clear defined base down to the deepest frequencies without being muddy at all. The mid frequencies were smooth such as voice were well defined and linear, though there was a little bit of air missing, but not much. The high frequency information, unlike read in other forums, is rolled off quite a bit but comes back after the cable breaks in. I would say in this range the cable is sweet, extended, but not perfectly defined, this can be pleasant for some listeners as the sound in the highs I would say is "tube-like".

Bottom line, for the Sony SCD C2000ES, I have found no better cable, I feel I am now getting the most out of the player with this cable. So, if your ever interested in experimenting with a cable with the low end stigma it has, this top of the line cable from Monster really delivers. Give the cable a try, you just may be surprised.

Have fun!

04-30-2006, 11:52 AM
Two things: first, bass is spelled B-A-S-S not B-A-S-E.
second, cables are not suppose to 'sound' like anything, rather they are meant for transporting the signal from component to component. While I agree that different cables can do various things, the main goal should be accurate transportation of the sound between your components and not modifying the sound. If it is doing's not a good cable or the component is not sending out what it should.

04-30-2006, 12:42 PM
I have not tried that level of Monster Cable,just a couple of lower end cables and they were awful.I did however try a set of Silver Streaks.I was looking for a new set of cables to run from my Arcam cd player to my reciever,so i tried a set.I found them to be way to bright for my system,now my speakers are Focal/Jm Labs which are a bit on the bright side,as waell as my arcam being a little bright so it was to much of a good thing.I use Kimber speaker wire and it is very good,so it wasn't the Streaks fault,it's just their voice.


05-01-2006, 08:39 AM
RPGII I agree with your approach. Through the years I have bought several brands of cables and interconnects. I try each brand with a new component. I recently was given a Marantz cd player to replace my old Sony. The Sony sounded best with Nordost ic but the Marantz sounds best with the AlphaCore MicroPurl ic. One of the most interesting changes for me is with the smooth sounding Marantz cdp I changed my speaker cables from the AlphaCore to a pair of Audioquest. They previously sounded too bright with the Sony but are incredible with the Marantz as source. Mix and match to find magic.