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04-27-2006, 12:27 PM

i've just sold my old Definitive PF15TL+ sub to taste smaller S.cube subs(for both music ang movies)cause PF15TL was terrible at music

plannig to buy Cube III to match with BP7006 fronts,hope it becomes enough for a 2800 cubic feet room with a 650 watts 7 inch sub and a pair 300 watts 8 inch built-in subs

or am i crazy :ihih:

04-27-2006, 05:32 PM
You're already using tower speakers with powered subs built in, what do you hope to gain by changing to a different subwoofer? Are you going with a smaller sub due to design constraints (i.e. WAF) or are there any other reasons for switching to a 7" or 8" sub?

A huge part of making a subwoofer sound more "musical" is in how well you can integrate the sub with the main speakers, and how well you minimize the room-induced effects that occur in the lower frequencies with small to medium sized rooms. The room boundaries will reinforce the lower frequencies, but they will also cause interactions that create boomy peaks and cancellations. This kind of unevenness can contribute to a "one note" type of bass that bellows out with certain sounds and remains anemic with most others.

Regardless of what subwoofer you buy, a big part of your problem very well might have originated more with the room acoustics than the subwoofer itself. If you position the new sub in the same spot as before, you will likely hear a lot of the same problems unless you 1) reposition the sub to a different location; 2) use different settings with the level and/or crossover point; 3) treat the room with corner traps; or 4) correct for the room effects with a parametric equalizer.

Eric Z
04-28-2006, 06:13 AM
The Definitive Technology subs aren't that bad with music. I have 2 PS100s (one in my family room for HT and one in my living room primarily used for music listening). At first, it didn't sound good playing music because it didn't match my fronts that well. After I played around with it (i.e. adjusted the crossover, moved the sub closer to the corner, etc), it sounded much better.

I think the SuperCube subwoofers by Def Tech are great (very small package with a lot of clean bass), but I don't think it will improve the sound that much over your PF15.

Are the 7006s not giving you enough bass? They are pretty powerful speakers with built in subs (like Wooch said).

Just my $.02.

04-28-2006, 12:07 PM
i had 2 reasons to buy it

1-it was too big and 5 years old(it could occur some problems)
2-PF15TL+ has real ventilation problems,sometimes i hear air flow from its vent port much more than bass sound at loud levels,also not musical(very slow)