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04-24-2006, 11:57 PM
Hello All...

Just got my import MOODY BLUES SACD's today and wow are they impressive. I thought that I would point out that all of the discs are 5.1 and 2.0 DSD, except THE SEARCH OF THE LOST CHORD, which is only 2.0. As if the recordings themselves weren't great it's also nice to see Deluxe Editions of 3 of the albums, which have tons of bonus tracks and various versions of songs, similar to the Deluxe SACD of TOMMY and GOODBYE YELLOW BRICK ROAD. I must confess though I am not nearly as blown away by the 5.1 here as I was with some of the Elton John re-issues. These tend to show their age a bit even though they were or some of them were once 4.0 Quad recordings. Although the recording techniques are demonstrated well here because in the case of the Moody Blues alot of their material is meant to have a distant sound to it with the vocals not necessarily cutting through the mix, but rather serving as a layered sound. I don't know if these are necessarily worth $30+, but I found them relatively inexpensive through Amazon UK for about $20 instead. Now if only we can get a SACD issue for SEVEN SOJOURN, which is still my favorite of their albums...I am still holding onto my DTS CD of that album!!!