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04-22-2006, 06:30 PM
I have an issue with my new Hitachi 55" plasma screen and Cablevision in New Jersey. The cable card I get from cablevision will not work in my TV. Cablevision says the firmware needs a"patch" in order to work. Hitachi says a "patch" for the cablecard to work dosen't exist. So needlessly, I as the consumer am could in the middle of this nonfunctioning cable card device. Does anybody know a solution? Greatly appreciated input welcome.:confused5:

04-23-2006, 12:57 PM
. . . and people think that HDMI isn't ready for prime time. Cable cards are new and wonderful when they work (though, unlike STBs, they are one-way devices). But they have to handle a lot of different conditions inside a lot of different TVs; sometimes they can't. You're one of the unlucky ones. I've heard this same firmware runaround more than once: So and so says that the mfgr has firmware to make the cable card work, but the mfgr says that no such firmware exists. You could try another cable card on the off-chance that you got a bad one, which is unlikely, or you can get an STB, which will take up more room, use up another input, and put you back behind the curve. But it will get you programming and On Demand capability that you wouldn't have with the card. When the 2.0 cards are available, and presumably more of the bugs disappear, you can try again. But the Hitachi is good enough in every other respect to be worth a little inconvenience.