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04-22-2006, 04:36 PM
A few months ago I listened to music in my room from either a clock radio cd player or a computer speaker plugged directly into my ipod. I didn't spend much time in my room and mostly would just turn it on when I was falling asleep. Recently though, one of the guys I work with got a new receiver and gave me his old one. It was a 15+ year old JVC with a Bevis and Butthead sticker on the Volume dial. I pulled some speakers out of the basement, plugged them in and was happy. The receiver then died for good, but my friend said he had a bunch of other ones in his basement from cleaning out offices at work. So he gave me two receivers in exchange for some old motocross gear. A couple days later I brought home a pair of NS-A200 speakers that work was getting rid of.
In total I have spent about $38 on this whole stereo deal. I work at a bike shop, so I spend almost all of my money on bike parts and tools. This newfound world of stereo equipment is exciting, but I know almost nothing about it and don't want to spend a whole lot of money on it, because as soon as I start I won't stop any time soon. This is also just for my room, my dad has systems set up in the rest of the house.
So now that all the background junk is out of the way, can anyone tell me anything about these speakers? The serial #'s are 02798 and 02756. The woofers seem to work fine but the midrange and tweeters seem to be dead. Is there anywhere I can find replacement midranges and tweeters?
Also the receivers are Realistic STA-110 and Akai Computer Controlled AA-R22. Which one is better?