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01-26-2004, 06:51 AM
I'm looking for some new full range mains for my HT system that will let me lessen the role of my sub (Velo CT100) so my system can be more musical. Currently have NHT Super Ones in the front, that I'll move to the back.
The RTi150 claim their -3db point is 26hz and 26khz. Thats full range enough for me. My preference is for a warmish hi end, a clear unmuddied midrange and a quick, tight, full bass attack.

I noticed only 3 reviews here (all 5*****) so if theres anything anyone wants to add, that'd be great. Off to audition them this afternoon if theres any left. Last time they ran this special, they sold out on Sunday, the day the add ran. I see em popping up on E-Bay for $700-$800 brand new so I figure somebodies. snapping them up and reselling them.

Tastes run to Folk Rock, Pop Rock, Alt. Country, Jazz. Thanks for any input, pro/con and any other suggestions in the $600-$700 range appreciated.

01-26-2004, 12:43 PM
Brother,personally I really like polk.I have a pair of rt35i bookshelf speakers,and I love them,I used them for 2 years,I gave them to my son along with my onkyo reciever,he is to the age where he is getting into hifi...14..lol.Im using boston acoustics(vr950) lynnfields,I bought because they half price,$350,coudnt go wrong with that deal,their the best speakers I have ever owned,but the polks I think are awful hard to beat for the $$$ usually!I was was going to buy a pair of rt50's,they were on sell for $400,their reg.$600,and they sound awful good,but the bostons were a better deal at half price,and I never have owned a pair of boston's,so that was my reasoning.You'll hear a few people bash polk on here,but those folks usually own,or want to own something more high end.Polk is my favorite speaker for $100 to $600 price range,of course ive heard some of their $1200,$1500,and they compare with others in that range.Good reliable tunes...Polk Audio!

01-26-2004, 08:31 PM
If you stay with Polk, I suggest to get bookshelf LSi7 or LSi9 since you already have a subwoofer. The midrange-treble quality is logically better than RTi 150. Spend more on quality bookshelf speakers rather than the same priced floorstanders.

01-27-2004, 06:26 AM
Thanks guys. That LSi series looks and sounds great. The LSi15 is now on my short list. Waiting for a price drop < $1000. The RTi150 was excellent, BUT, no boxed models, and the demo that was the sale item has a pushed in tweeter. I've fixed those little problems before but I'm not gonna accept that in a new speaker. I think I'm gonna pass on the Bookshelf/Sub combo. I've got good bookshelves in the NHT Super Ones. I just want to get away from needing the sub to catch below 55hz for music listening.